Copywriting involves writing text for advertising. This text is called 'copy'. The copy written by copywriters is used to awareness about a brand or an idea with the ultimate goal of persuading people to take a specified action.  Copywriting is responsible for the production of billboards, websites, catalogs, brochures, and advertisements. Different copywriting projects require different skills and for this reason, copywriters too, have different skill-sets. The different skills come as a result of experience or deliberately through training. There are different classifications of copywriters and copywriting services depending on the skills they possess, the medium they use or the mode in which they offer their services.


Advertising copywriting is one of the most known copywriting services. Advertising copywriting involves writing content for the press, television or other advertising forms. This type of copywriting requires the copywriter to come up with memorable taglines or headlines that people can easily remember. To come up with catchy slogans and taglines, advertising business copywriter need to be creative thinkers who can create strong and original ideas when they are under pressure. They may also be required to work closely with art designers to incorporate images and other forms of visual communication.


Website copywriting is another service. Website copywriters create text to be used in websites. Most of these copywriters usually possess more skills beyond just producing text. They have skills in website designing and are involved in the development of the website. Some of them also double up as SEO copywriters. SEO copywriters create text for websites with the aim of increasing visibility of the website in search engines and making the website more prominent to generate user traffic towards it.


Freelance copywriters create text for clients in any medium while they operate sole writers. Many businesses have their in - house copywriters, sometimes the need to outsource arises, and they have to hire the blog writing service of a freelance copywriter. Most freelance copywriters have no specialization but they have shallow but broad skills in copywriting skills. As a result of working in different sectors, freelance copywriters gain shallow but broad knowledge in various sectors. However, there freelance copywriters who specialize in writing for a particular sector. The converse of a freelance copywriter is an in-house copywriter. In-house copywriters are employed by and organization on a full-time basis. This means that they only work for one client.



Classification of copywriting and copywriters is very flexible and one service or writer can be easily placed in more than one of the categories. Visit this website at and know more about copywriting.